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NHS and Private

Many patients are confused about the difference between private
and NHS dental treatment so we have outlined the differences below.
The common assumption is that private dentistry is more expensive but this may
not always be the case and usually the service and treatment outcome you receive
is better and unrestricted.

NHS Treatment

  1. Cosmetic treatment is not available on the NHS.
  2. Private treatment will always give you the best possible functional and cosmetic result.
  3. You are able to have appointments at anytime including in the evening after 5pm or on Saturdays
  4. Private treatment gives us complete freedom to provide the very highest standard of treatment and materials.
  5. Appointments are longer to allow plenty of time to complete your treatment at a more relaxed pace.
  6. Certain treatments are not available on the NHS eg. dental implants
  7. Tooth whitening is not available on the NHS
  8. With private treatments you can request your treatment to be performed by a specialist.
  9. Orthodontic treatment for patients over the age of 18 is not available on the NHS
  10. Your dentist will discuss your treatment options and costs and give you a written estimate before you commit to any treatment.

Private Treatment

  1. NHS patients are treated with the same care as our private patients though the government does impose some restrictions and fixes the patient charges nationally.
  2. Treatment needs to be functional on the NHS and not for cosmetic reasons
  3. NHS treatment is designed to be cost effective for mass use but naturally this means more cost effective materials and laboratories are used.
  4. We must follow government guidelines for recalling patients which may mean you may not be entitled to a check up or clean as often as you want.
  5. NHS cleaning is designed to ensure gum health and not to specifically remove all stains.
  6. Appointment availability may be limited. You may not be able to get appointments outside school or work hours. You may also not be able to see more experienced dentists or specialists who choose to work outside the NHS.
  7. The government imposes limits on the amount of NHS treatment each practice can provide. Once we reach our limit we may not be able to offer any more NHS treatment until the next financial year.
  8. Some treatments are not available under the NHS eg. cosmetic treatments / dental implants or certain preventative treatments eg. fissure sealants for low decay risk patients.
  9. Tooth whitening is not available on the NHS.
  10. Hygienists are usually not funded by the NHS.
  11. Specialist referral on the NHS may not always be available and you will have to be placed on a waiting list if accepted.

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