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Dental Fees

The fees table below gives you an idea of how much our most popular procedures cost. Dental expenses may vary based on the amount of time and materials involved, but your treating dentist will always discuss this with you ahead of time.

Following a dental examination, the dental staff will always explain and discuss treatment choices that are appropriate for you, allowing you to choose your preferred path of action. Following that, a detailed treatment plan will be developed, along with a full quotation and price indication in advance. Without your complete consent and understanding, no treatment will begin.

Please contact us if you have any queries about our fees.

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NHS Patient charges are set by the Scottish government

NHS Dental Patient Fees

TreatmentGuide Price
Routine Examination FREE
New Patient examinationFREE
Dental X-Ray £3.76
Study Models£16.96
Hygiene visit (scale & polish)£12.00
2-part hygiene visit£29.16
Amalgam filling (silver)from £9
White filling (front teeth) from £19.30
Extractions from £9.40
Surgical extractionsfrom £26.20
Porcelain Bonded crownsfrom £150
Veneer from £122
Bridge from £150
Mental DentureFrom £180
Acrylic DentureFrom £80
Full upper and lower denturesfrom £208
Root Canal treatment from £56 (molar from £116)

Private Dental Treatment

TreatmentGuide Price
Exam £40
Exam, Scaling & X-Rays£120
Air Abrasion£75
Air abrasion & Scaling/Polishing£120
Silver Fillingfrom £95
White Fillingfrom £100

Acrylic Dentures

TreatmentGuide Price
1-4 Teeth£100
5-8 Teeth£150
8+ Teeth £200
Denture Repair£100 (+£25 lab fee if impression required)
Denture Addition £100 (+£25 lab fee if impression required)

Crowns, Bridges & Veneers

TreatmentGuide Price
Temporary crown90 (if requires post £110)
EMAX Veneer£450
EMAX Crown (all white)£455
EMAX Bridge£455 per unit
Bonded Crown£415
Bonded Crown with post £505

Root Canal Treatment (x-rays included)

TreatmentGuide Price

Pulp Removal

TreatmentGuide Price

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