Teeth Straightening

teeth straightening

Getting braces is not what it used to be. Today there are more options than ever to fit your look, your lifestyle, and your budget. Choose low-profile brackets for comfort or self-ligating braces, clear aligners or traditional ‘train-tracks’ that are now in fashion!

The benefits of braces seem obvious. An attractive smile can boost your confidence at any age. But did you know that it can also help your health? By bringing your teeth in line, braces contribute to healthy teeth and gums, and can even relieve or prevent jaw problems.

Need more reasons to smile? At Carntyne/Tollcross dental there’s many choice’s! Talk with our orthodontist about the look you want – so you can be confident in your choice of braces, The orthodontist will make a recommendation based on your needs, but it helps to know the options, because it’s your smile and your decision.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign is the modern alternative to braces that uses a series of clear aligners made specifically for you, that means no metal brackets and nothing to tighten! The aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable, and almost invisible plastic that fit over your teeth and gradually shift them into place making this the straight forward discrete way to achieve that smile you have always wanted.


Invisalign is used to treat a range of orthodontic problems and can achieve results from as little as 2 months depending on individual treatment requirements.

All you have to do to start the journey to your perfect smile is book an appointment for a FREE consultation with Dr Samad, the practice orthodontist. He will examine your teeth, assess your concerns & what your expectations are to determine if you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign treatment. During this appointment Dr Samad will scan your teeth using our iTero Machine which will allow us to visibly show you a 3D example of the real results you can achieve!

Spark Clear Aligners

These BPA free, clear, removable aligners are custom made for each individual patient to redesign, enhance your smile to give you more confidence. Book in for a chat to discuss the options spark can give you & take the first step to discretely achieving your new dream smile.

Spark was developed with nearly 60 years of teeth straightening knowledge that has been used to treat millions of patients worldwide. Combine that with the experience of our specially trained dentist and you’ve got a clear path to a confident, new Spark smile!

Spark Clear Aligners

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